Create digital products that delight

Whether you want to create online learning products like courses, digital downloads and memberships, or engage with your community, Thinkific makes it easy to translate your expertise into learning experiences that really deliver.

Deliver learning products worth paying for

You’re serious about growing your business by creating amazing products that turn your knowledge into powerful educational content. We’re dedicated to delivering a platform that makes it easy.

Online Courses

Create courses quickly and easily with templates and drag-and-drop editing—no coding needed.

Self-Paced and Scheduled Classes

Let your students choose how they want to take your classes—at their own pace, on a schedule with a group of peers, or both.

Live Lessons and Coaching

Offer recurring live lessons directly through Thinkific to boost engagement and add variety to your course offerings.

Completion Certificates

Easily generate quizzes based on lesson content, along with assignments, exams, and certificates to gauge—and recognize—students’ progress.

Multimedia Lessons

Create a varied and effective learning experience using video, interactive files, and externally hosted content, so the medium matches the material. With unlimited video hosting, you won’t be slowed down by bandwidth concerns.


Bring great minds together in a dedicated space for your members to engage with you and each other.

Thinkific App Store

Access 80+ apps in the Thinkific App Store to provide an enhanced learning experience, save yourself time, or make your marketing more effective.

White-Labeled Mobile App

Our trusted team of experts will take care of creating and managing a custom, white-labeled app for your online courses and communities so you can focus on growing your business.

Memberships & subscriptions

Enjoy a steady income stream while providing your audience with exclusive access to content, perks and a private, dedicated group of like-minded peers.

Deliver blended learning experiences

Engage your audience with an interactive learning community that complements your online course, and keeps them coming back.

Digital Downloads

Offer eBooks, guides, templates and more to attract new leads and quickly boost your revenue.

Built for modern learning businesses

With 70,000+ creators already on Thinkific, we’re a trusted partner for those who want to create exceptional learning experiences worth paying for.

No experience required

As powerful as it is, Thinkific is remarkably easy to use. So you and your team can focus on creating amazing products—not tech.

Stay in control

Maintain full control over your products and business—from brand and content to customers and revenue.

Invested in you

We invest in developing fast, reliable, and secure technology that you can trust to build your business on.

Built to scale

Our best-in-class platform and people are dedicated to helping you create exceptional learning products that scale as your business grows wildly successful.

More features to check out

Build Websites to Market Your Business

Create a professional web storefront to promote your learning business — no coding skills required. Choose from our selection of ready-made, customizable themes and templates so you can create a site that reflects your brand (and actually sounds like you).

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Generate Income By Selling

You bring the knowledge and expertise, we bring the tools.

Our built-in marketing and e-commerce features make it simple to sell and promote your learning products — without any annoying sales tactics.

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Grow and Scale

As your business needs grow, our apps and tools help you market your business and seamlessly build online programs that scale with your customers, employees, and partners.

You’ll get the flexibility and reliability you need, when you need it.

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