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Grow your business with a collaborative learning experience, created and controlled by youthat your students will stay for and pay for.

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Whether you’re looking to grow your business, connect with your audience, or streamline your workflow; Thinkific Communities is your solution.

Course & Community Connection

Building online learning communities that connect with your courses seamlessly – letting your students move between your courses and your community – for an all-in-one student experience.

Profiles & Mentions

Put faces to names with member profiles and @ mentions, so students can easily connect in a familiar, communal learning environment.

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Your members will get web notifications when you post in your Community and when someone responds to their posts or @ mentions them in discussions.

Reactions & Threads

Community members can react and respond directly to comments in a thread, preserving context and continuity.

One place to build and grow your learning community

Deliver a rich, collaborative learning experience by building online learning communities that enhance all of your educational content—and your business—all on the same platform.

All in one place

Elevate the learning experience with a community that integrates seamlessly with your course offerings—all on a single, familiar platform. No more stitching together different tools or services.

Price, package, and sell your community

Monetize access to your community with flexible selling options that work for your business. Sold standalone, bundled with a course, or as a membership; you can enjoy a steady income stream while providing your audience with a private and dedicated network of like-minded peers and exclusive members-only content.

Your community your way

Create a familiar space for your students to share and connect in the spirit of education—under your own brand—free of third-party ads or distractions.

Get started quickly

Have an audience and an expertise? Learning communities are a great (and fast) way to get your business up and running quickly; with a focus on growing your audience first.

Retain your audience

Keep students coming back to a lively, collaborative hub of activity and learning that encourages them to ask questions, share opinions, and contribute ideas.

Learn from your community

Improve and plan your learning content by understanding students’ goals, experiences and concerns. Capture insights from community discussions that help you create new courses or products that your audience actually cares about.

Build, engage, and own your community — your way, under your brand.

Thinkific Communities give you total control so you can empower and connect with your audience, stay true to your brand, and grow your business.

Flexible Spaces

Host discussions on specific topics, facilitate introductions, or post important updates in dedicated Spaces—almost like virtual rooms within your Community.

Live Events

Turn your community into a classroom with dynamic, synchronous learning experiences like workshops, Q&A, office hours, coaching, and more.

Person smiling with sample photos of community moderator role

Community Moderator Role (coming soon)

Assign and empower team members or active Community participants to be Moderators, with unique views and permissions, to support Community admin and engagement.

Person smiling with sample photos of trending posts

Trending posts

Get alerted to and engage with posts in your Community that are getting extra engagement, so you can jump in and maintain that momentum.

What other creators are saying about Thinkific Communities

“Courses are awesome. They provide knowledge, insight and inspiration. But I've long held - and witnessed - that everything comes to LIFE in community. Being able to connect with like-minded folks who are exploring the same thing as you offers camaraderie, accountability, and support”

Gillian GoerzenFounder, Super You Studio
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