Sell more, and spend less time doing it.

Customers on TCommerce sell more, it’s as simple as that. Accept payments, automate taxes, boost sales conversions, and increase the value of every order, all while simplifying your business admin — and all on TCommerce.*

*Available to Thinkific creators in the USA, Canada, and the UK on all plans, with no added cost.

Increase sales, automate taxes, and manage payments

TCommerce is your all-in-one solution for advanced sales tools, seamless payment processing, and effortless tax management so you can simplify and grow your business.

Robust selling tools

Increase conversions and average order value with Order Bumps, Gifting, Group Orders and multiple payment methods, including Buy Now, Pay Later, Google Pay and Apple Pay, all inside a secure, high-speed checkout.

Automated tax solution

Save time, avoid headaches and ensure compliance with automated tax calculation, collection, and remittance for your U.S. and Canadian sales, where applicable.

Integrated payment processor

Thinkific Payments allows you to manage payments and subscriptions and run reports all in one place, without relying on third-party processors. Customers using Thinkific Payments see a 22% larger average transaction size.

Sell more. It’s as simple as that.

Marketing and selling can be tough. That’s why TCommerce gives you access to a suite of powerful, integrated selling tools designed specifically for creators like you.

Boost sales and expand your audience with Gifting

Sell your learning products as gifts that your audience can give to friends, family and loved ones — helping you boost your sales with a new audience. Complete with personalized messages, email notifications and seamless redemption—no clunky workarounds required.

Increase conversions with optimized payment solutions

Improve checkout conversion rates by offering a variety of payment options like Apple Pay and Google Pay. With Buy Now, Pay Later payment methods automatically enabled, your customers have the flexibility to pay over time, while you get paid right away. Plus, on average, Thinkific customers offering Buy Now, Pay Later have increased their average transaction size by 3 times.

Win back sales with Incomplete Purchase Reminders

With automated incomplete purchase reminder emails sent to your students if their payment fails, you’ll win back sales you would have otherwise missed—all happening behind the scenes so you can focus on doing what you love.

Sell more and increase average order value with Order Bumps

Did you know Thinkific customers who upsell using Order Bumps see a 98% larger average transaction size? With Order Bumps, you can suggest complementary products and offerings in the checkout that students can add to their order with a single click.

sell more

Leave sales taxes to us so you can focus on what you do best

Calculating taxes is hard. The rules constantly change, and they're different everywhere. What's worse is that if you make an error, it takes hours of your own time or hiring an accountant to sort it out. Thinkific's new Sales Tax Solution takes all the hard work off your plate by calculating, collecting and remitting sales tax for your U.S. and Canadian sales, where applicable.

Save valuable time and energy

Stop spending time and energy calculating, claiming, and reporting sales tax. We'll handle it all so you can get back to creating content and keeping your audience engaged. 

Stay compliant

Don’t risk any potential violations of tax laws or requirements. We’ll navigate the complex and ever-changing tax landscape for you to ensure you stay compliant. 

Earn more on every sale

With Thinkific, tax will automatically be calculated and added to your product price so you won't have to deal with varying tax costs across jurisdictions. 

Save time and Make better data-driven decisions with powerful reporting and bookkeeping tools

Simplify your bookkeeping and reporting with easy-to-use tools and dashboards — all built right into the Thinkific platform.

Key reporting and analytics

Reconcile your books quickly and accurately with downloadable payouts and transaction reports, and get deep insights into your lines of recurring revenue with Subscriptions Analytics* (Grow plans and above)

Understand (and improve) your subscriptions business

Get deep insights into your business, make quicker and smarter decisions, and optimize your recurring revenue streams with our easy-to-use Subscriptions Analytics* dashboard.

Integrate with QuickBooks

Save time and reduce manual work with our QuickBooks integration. Sync your payout transactions and simplify the reconciliation process — all from the Thinkific platform.

One-click payment controls

Process student refunds quickly and easily with a single click.

Manage subscriptions and payment plans

Retry, cancel, pause, and resume student payments conveniently right from your Thinkific dashboard.

What other creators are saying about TCommerce

“Something I didn’t expect is that, by offering Buy Now, Pay Later payment methods to my audience, my students actually feel more seen and heard. I feel my students are grateful that I’m supporting them by being more inclusive with additional payment options.”

Mina IrfanUniverse Guru
Mina Irfan

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