App Developers

Marketing Partners


Refer customers to Thinkific

Provide Thinkific services to customers

Build an App

Promote Thinkific to your audience

Provide dedicated support to customers 

Early access to features

Direct product feedback opportunities

Priority support

Sandbox account

Technical resources 

Partner Portal access

Technical Enablement & Support

Manage client accounts

Relationship Management & Key Benefits

Partner Badges

Sell Apps to customers 

Earn referral commission

Increased commission %

Thinkific discounts for referred clients

Partner Newsletter

Partner Manager

Partner Community

Complimentary Thinkific Account 

Please note that some of these benefits are unlocked as you progress through your Partner journey!

Customer Case Study

Marketing Enablement & Opportunities

Social co-hosting 

Co-marketing opportunities

Access to Thinkific Brand Assets

Evergreen Campaigns for Promotion

First Access to Upcoming Campaigns

Custom Landing Page

Blog Posts (Contribution, Swaps, etc)

Live Sales Webinar to Partner Audience

Customized Webinar Content