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The Top 6 Reasons We Are The Customer Education Leader

The Thinkific Plus platform is where thousands of learners go everyday to get better at using our customers' products. Why do so many organizations team up with us and trust Thinkific Plus for their customer training?

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01 - Value

It’s Designed for Fast Time to Value

We’ve built our platform with one of your primary goals in mind. You can get your program up and running in as little as 30 days so you can stop churn in its tracks, and prove value quickly.

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02 - Simplicity

An LMS That’s Actually Easy to Use

Thinkific Plus isn’t like legacy LMS platforms. It’s a robust, proven, flexible learning platform that’s also remarkably easy to use — for admins and learners, that frees you up to focus on driving results – not managing tech.

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03 — No Hidden Fees

No Launch Fees Here

Unlike many alternative platforms for online learning, here at Thinkific we don’t believe in charging upfront fees before you’ve launched your training academy. Our Thinkific Plus pricing philosophy is based on $0 fees to get your program up and running.

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04 — AI

Tapping into the Power of AI

We know time-to-value is critical for any customer learning initiative. On Thinkific Plus, you’ll speed up your course creation process with our AI-powered tools, designed to simplify every step of the journey. Generating course names, constructing course outlines, and whipping up quizzes will happen in no time, allowing you to hit the ground running fast.


05 — Your success team

A Team Invested in Your Success

Thinkific Plus customers are backed by a team of people who are dedicated to supporting you every step of the way. Right from launch, they work seamlessly with your existing team to quickly get you on the path to growing your business.

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06 — ROI

ROI You Can Prove

Customer education programs help organizations improve revenue retention and growth. Thinkific Plus customers are able to prove business impact by connecting customer training initiatives to product adoption, reduced support costs, improved retention rates, and customer growth.

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Educated customers are loyal customers

Talk to one of our experts to find out how Thinkific Plus can help your team launch customer experiences that drive revenue and retention.

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